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I support equality, but I reject the Equality Act and its extreme consequences. I do not want to hand over my rights to government control, whether it be privacy, free speech, or parental rights. Also, I do not want to lose the hard-fought gains made by women athletes, nor do I support furthering the agenda of abortion activists. For these reasons, I oppose the Equality Act. 

Podcast: Emily Kao from the Heritage Foundation on the Equality Act

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More Info About the Equality Act

There is nothing equal about the Equality Act. Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act elevates these ever-evolving concepts to the list of protected classes under federal law. The consequences are staggering.

We know this because of what we have already seen at the  state and local level, where similar legislation has led to drastic infringements on free speech, religious freedom, and parental rights.

The Equality Act, also known as H.R. 5, would likely:

  • Empower the federal government to penalize Americans who don’t affirm new and changing sexual norms or gender ideology.
  • Empower the federal government to compel speech under the threat of punishment, forcing Americans to say or express messages that violate their beliefs about gender.
  • Erase hard-fought gains made by women over many years, including in the sports arena, where they would be set up to fail every time they are forced to unfairly compete with a biological male that identifies as a female.
  • Set women athletes back to 1972 – a pre-Title IX era. Congress created Title IX to ensure women got a fair shot at excelling in sports, and obtaining scholarship and other athletic opportunities. Men that identify as women will be taking their scholarships and opportunities away.
  • Be used to force physicians to treat patients suffering with gender dysphoria as dictated by transgender activists, instead of based on actual medical research about the best treatment.
  • Empower the federal government to take over parental rights, forcing parents to embrace their child’s gender choice or risk losing custody. Parents in Ohio and Canada have already experienced this loss of parental rights. The American Journal of Bioethics even ran an article arguing the state should overrule parents in this regard.
  • Undermine privacy rights, putting women and children at risk of abuse by men who would exploit the law to access victims in public rest rooms, locker rooms, showers, and domestic violence shelters.
  • Shut down charities, putting government views of sexuality and gender ideology above the needs of foster children and other charity recipients.
  • The Equality Act includes the phrase, “pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions…shall not receive less favorable treatment than other physical conditions.” Abortion activists would likely use this to further their agenda.

The Equality Act would allow the federal government to coerce business owners, employers, and individuals who do business with the public to effectively deny their beliefs about the nature of marriage and human sexuality. It would prohibit renters, preschools, religious schools, and organizations to consider basic biology when serving the public.

The Equality Act does not right a grievous wrong. There is very little evidence that people are suffering discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This legislation does not solve a widespread problem. Instead of solving a problem, it opens up a pandora’s box of problems.

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