SB 1224 updates the ESA statute to ensure greater transparency, education, and administration of the program, as well as benefit to students. Specifically, the program ensures ESA funds are reported in separate budget line items, closes accounts not utilized in three years, requires development and publication of an ESA handbook and an appeals process, allows for purchase of supplemental materials, and continues participation for Indian students at nearby schools bordering states.
Bill Status:
03/20/20 Signed by Governor
Bill History

03/12/20 Passed House Third Read (31-27-2)

03/12/20 Passed House Committee of the Whole

03/12/20 Passed House Rules

03/11/20 Passed House Appropriations Committee (7-4)

03/03/20 House Second Read

03/02/20 House First Read

02/26/20 Passed Senate Third Read (16-14)

02/26/20 Passed Senate Committee of the Whole

02/10/20 Passed Senate Rules

02/04/20 Passed Senate Education Committee  (6-3)

01/27/20 Senate Second Read

01/23/20 Senate First Read

Introduced Version Here.

Senate Engrossed Version Here. 

Adopted Senate Education Ammedmnet Here. 

Adopted Allen Floor Ammedment Here. 

Adopted Brophy-McGee Floor Amendment Here.   

Chaptered Version Here. 


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