HB2459 would make eligible anyone 18 years old or older for manslaughter charges if they intentionally gave advice or encouragement to a minor that he or she should commit suicide when they had knowledge that the minor had intentions to commit suicide.
Bill Status:
03/17/21 Signed by the Governor
Bill History

03/10/21 Passed Senate Third Read (30-0)

03/08/21 Passed Senate Rules Committee Hearing

03/04/21 Passed Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing (8-0)

02/22/21 Senate Second Read

02/18/21 Senate First Read

02/11/21 Passed House Third Read (59-0-1)

02/08/21 Passed House Rules Committee Hearing

02/03/21 Passed House Judiciary Committee Hearing (10-0)

01/28/21 House Second Read

01/27/21 House First Read

Introduced Version Here.

House Judiciary Amendment Here. 

House Engrossed Version Here.

Senate Engrossed Verison Here. 

Senate Floor Amendment Here. 



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