Arizona Crisis Standards of Care outlines how the state prioritizes patients during a health emergency. The standards currently instruct hospitals to consider “life expectancy” to measure who will receive medical care when resources are limited. This potentially disqualifies people with disabilities and the aged from receiving lifesaving care. HB 2386 would change the requirement to “imminent mortality” and ensure the standards do not discriminate against the most vulnerable Arizonans.
Bill Status:
07/09/21 Signed by Governor
Bill History

06/30/21 Passed House Final Read (48-12)

06/29/21 Passed Senate Third Read (18-11-1)

03/18/21 Passed Senate Health and Human Services Committee (5-3)

02/22/21 Senate Second Read

02/18/21 Senate First Read

02/11/21 Passed House Third Read (60-0)

02/03/21 Passed House Government and Elections Committee (13-0)

01/28/21 House Second Read

01/27/21 House First Read


Introduced Version Here. 

House Engrossed Version Here.

Adopted Heath and Human Services Amendment Here. 

Senate Engrossed Version Here. 

Chaptered Version Here. 



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