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Subject: Time to Defend Christian Education

Dear *|FIRST NAME|*,

As a private school parent or supporter, we know you value educational choice and opportunity.  You want to send your child to the school that best fits their unique needs and reinforces the values you are already teaching them. That’s why you’ve chosen our school for your child.

All parents, students, and families should enjoy the freedom to choose the educational path that is best for them.  But that freedom is under attack.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Center for Arizona Policy on a new project: Arizona Christian Education Network.

It’s a network of engaged Arizona parents, schools, and citizen advocates like you defending and advancing educational freedom and private Christian schools.

For 25 years, Center for Arizona Policy has been tirelessly defending families in Arizona. They’ve helped pass dozens of laws in Arizona that protect your fundamental right as a parent to direct the education and upbringing of your children – including legislation making empowerment scholarships and tax credits available to parents like you.

While we’ve been making gains, opponents of parents’ rights, educational freedom, and Christian education are working just as hard to undermine our freedoms.  The fight is growing more difficult.

That’s where you come in.  You have a voice and we’re here to help you use it.

When you join the Arizona Christian Education Network…

  1. You’ll be informed of important legislative developments, changes in education policy, and any threats to educational freedom and Christian education.
  2. You’ll know where and how to make your voice heard!
  3. You’ll be connected to other families across Arizona who share your commitment to educational freedom.

Our collective voices have power. Together, let’s stand up and defend our educational freedom in Arizona!

For our families,


P.S. It’s quick and easy to join! Just click here and we’ll get you looped in right away. 

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