Watch the videos below to see how good public policy impacts families.
We invite you to join these families in supporting Center for Arizona Policy so we can
Champion Freedom Together

Jason and Courtney Gehl

Like most busy families, the Gehls do not have time to follow how public policy can impact their family and their rights as parents. They depend on CAP to be their advocate at the Capitol. They have had been able to choose the education best meeting their children’s needs because of CAP’s work for school choice for families across Arizona. The Gehls have answered the call to adopt internationally and use their influence to advocate for and generously give to causes such as CAP’s work to champion parental rights!

Nathan and Aubrie Johnson

As a former CAP Intern, Nathan Johnson saw the value of CAP’s work up close while a college student, while serving as a CAP intern. As a husband, dad, and businessman, Nathan and his wife Aubrie support Center for Arizona policy as Family Partners with a monthly sustaining gift. Together this young couple have a beautiful child, and they understand the importance of supporting an organization that aligns with their values for Arizona’s future. So much so, they have made a priority to put CAP into their monthly budget: Championing Freedom Together!


Pastor Eric Jones

On any given Sunday in Gilbert, Arizona, Pastor Eric Jones will be in the pulpit of his church preaching the gospel with boldness and without hesitation. Pastor Eric speaks out on the biblical and moral issues with a profound commitment to ensuring religious freedom for all Arizonans. Pastor Eric and Velvet Jones are unabashedly pro-life. They stand with Center for Arizona Policy by distributing Voter Guides through their church, participating in CAP’s annual Prayer Walk, engaging at the Legislature, and taking a leadership role in the championing of religious freedom in Arizona.


Cy and Emily Bowers

Cy & Emily Bowers, son and daughter-in-law of Arizona Speaker of the House-Elect Rusty Bowers and his wife Donetta, were seeking to adopt when they made a connection with an adoption attorney representing a formerly abortion-minded woman.  Thanks to the prolife laws in Arizona, the abortion-minded birthmother chose life for her child then adoption, enabling her child to find a loving family. CAP promotes and defends the sanctity of life. This includes seeking opportunities for good legislation for foster care and adoption!

Darrel and Diane Kuiper

Darrel and Diane Kuiper have done what many have done over the years – traveled west to forge a life for their family in the desert of Arizona. Having built a successful dairy business with their sons, the Kuipers now take some time to enjoy their passions – which still includes dairy cows. But this past winter, they joined a group of other CAP ministry friends in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life. As culture continues to change and attempts to erode the foundations of our society such as life, like many families, the Kuipers stand with CAP to uphold these God-given rights for all Arizonans – so we all can thrive!

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