Join Center for Arizona Policy as we embark on 30 Days of Prayer for the elections. With the Arizona Primary Election on August 30th, there are many requests to lift up in prayer. From the candidates, to the poll workers, to the protection of issues like life, marriage & family, and religious freedom – we are petitioning God for his grace and guidance during this time.

Download the calendar, print it out, and put it on your nightstand to follow along with us each day – or you can read each day’s topic below.

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7, ESV

Week 1: August 1-7
  1. The Voters: Pray that Arizonans will make the effort to get informed this election season; that they will exercise their right to vote in Arizona’s Primary Election on August 30th and make educated decisions at the ballot box. Pray that voters will realize that their vote makes a difference and is vitally important this election year.
  2. Our nation: Pray for the United States of America. Pray for healing where we are divided, peace where there is violence, and strength where we are weak. Pray for the direction of the culture and that God would have his hand upon us.
  3. CAP’s Voter Guide: Pray for CAP’s 2016 Voter Guide and; that we can reach one million Arizona voters so they can make informed decisions at the polls. Pray that our friends will help us cover the cost of gathering the information, putting the Guide together, and getting it out to Arizona voters. Pray that churches and community groups will help distribute this resource.
  4. U.S. Senate elections: This November voters will fill 34 U.S. Senate seats. One of the senators will be from Arizona. Pray that voters will make informed decisions and choose wisely their next senators. Pray that those who win will stand for life, families, and the freedom to live out one’s faith.
  5. U.S. House of Representatives elections: All 435 U.S. House of Representative seats are up for election in November. Arizona voters will choose nine U.S. Representatives. Pray that voters will take the time to learn about their candidates and vote wisely, both in the August 30th Primary Election and the November 8th General Election.
  6. All candidates’ families: Running for office can take a toll on the candidates and their families. Pray for strength and endurance as they put in long hours and much effort for the chance to serve their communities. Pray for the family members sacrificing time with their loved ones running for office. Pray over marriages and parent relationships; that they will remain strong and steadfast despite the challenges.
  7. Life: Pray for the preborn. Pray that God will work in the hearts and minds of Americans to put a high value on every human life from conception to its natural end. Pray for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and for abortion to be unthinkable in this country. Pray that God would raise up leaders who stand boldly for pro-life policies.
Week 2: August 8-14
  1. AZ Senate Elections: All 30 seats in the Arizona Senate chamber are up for election. Pray that Arizona voters will make informed decisions this Primary Election on August 30th and again in the General Election in November. Pray that those who serve Arizona will vote to protect the lives of the preborn, Arizona families, and the right to live and work according to one’s faith.
  2. AZ House elections: Arizona voters will decide who fills all 60 House seats in the chamber this election season. Pray that voters will grasp the importance of the Primary Election on August 30th and make the effort to cast an informed vote.
  3. Media: Pray for the news media and their coverage of this coming Primary Election. Pray for an accurate and fair account of the results. Also pray that the social media posts are respectful, accurate, and encourage Arizonans to get to the polls.
  4. Churches & Pastors: Pray for pastors during this election season. Pray the issues and choices before their communities will awaken them and encourage them to engage in the issues God would call them to address. Pray for boldness and wisdom as they determine how to address tough issues.
  5. Unregistered voters & voter registration drives: Pray that these voter registration drives will be successful and that eligible Arizonans would register to vote for the General Election on November 8th. Pray that individuals would be motivated to make their voice heard and vote.
  6. Center for Arizona Policy: Pray for Center for Arizona Policy as we work to inform and mobilize voters across the state. Pray that we will receive the financial support necessary to continue our efforts of educating voters and preserving life, family, and religious freedom.
  7. Marriage & Family: Pray for the culture of marriage in Arizona and throughout the nation. Pray that marriage between one man and one woman would prevail and that the faithful would be free to live out this truth in their work.
Week 3: August 15-21
  1. City elections: Many Arizona cities will be choosing a mayor and council this election season. Pray for voters making the decisions and the candidates who end up on the November ballot. Pray for all Arizona cities; that their leaders will serve with wisdom and discernment.
  2. County elections: Pray for voters choosing County officials; that they would take the time to learn about their choices and vote wisely. Pray for wisdom and guidance for county elections throughout the state. Pray for leaders who will make decisions in the best interest of the people and not themselves.
  3. School Choice: Pray for the preservation of a parent’s right in Arizona to choose how they want to educate their children. Pray that state and federal laws would encourage that freedom and not hinder it. Pray for the preservation of Arizona’s school choice programs that so many parents rely on in order to send their children to private schools.
  4. Current leaders: Pray for our current leaders, both local and national. Pray for their safety and the safety of their families. Pray for the governor, treasurer, school leaders, as well as the president, the Supreme Court, and other judges.
  5. Military/police/fire/emergency services: Pray for our military and first responders. Pray for their safety. Pray for their protection in these turbulent times and for good judgment as they serve our communities and our country. Thank God for their tremendous sacrifice each day, and the sacrifices of their families.
  6. School Board Elections: Pray for voters choosing school board members as these boards can have a great impact on children and families throughout Arizona. Pray that quality candidates make it on the November ballot and serve honorably.
  7. Religious Freedom: Pray for the freedom in Arizona and throughout the country to worship, live, and work according to one’s deeply held religious beliefs. Pray for courage for those who are under pressure to amend their sermons, work ethic, and other duties to comply with cultural whims. Pray that laws, ordinances, and policies will protect religious freedom on all levels of government.
Week 4: August 22-28
  1. Judges up for retention: Pray for the judges up for retention throughout Arizona. Pray that voters would learn about the judges’ records and make thoughtful decisions, knowing judges can greatly impact our communities.
  2. National organizations: Pray for CAP’s allies that are fighting similar battles on a national level. Pray for their success in mobilizing and educating voters for both the Primary and General Elections.
  3. Presidential election: Pray for the presidential election on November 8th. Pray that voters will learn about the candidates, make informed decisions at the polls, and be able to discern between truth and falsehood. Pray that God’s hand would be on the next man or woman who will lead our country these next four years.
  4. Future cabinet members: Pray for those who will be serving the new president in 2017 and beyond. Pray that the president chooses qualified cabinet members who will serve honorably and with wisdom.
  5. Future Supreme Court appointments: The new president will appoint at least one, possibly more Supreme Court justices to the bench. Pray that the new appointments will be beholden to the Constitution, protecting the rights of all, including the preborn and those who live and work according to their religious beliefs.
  6. Ballot Measures: Arizonans could be voting on a number of ballot measures this November. Pray for wisdom as they make decisions on such topics as education financing in school districts and the legalization of recreational marijuana. Pray that voters will reject the dangerous move to make high-potency marijuana legal and readily available in Arizona.
  7. 2018 and 2020 elections: Future leaders are being groomed for 2018 and 2020. Pray that God would raise up good federal, state, and local leaders who will serve honorably and stand for life, families, and religious freedoms.
Week 5: August 29 & 30
  1. Election officials and election processes: Pray for the many officials involved in Election Day. Pray they will serve with integrity and wisdom. Pray, also, for the election processes and machinery; that the equipment will function properly, that polling locations are easy to find, and that poll workers are able to assist voters well.
  2. Arizona: Pray for our state. Pray that voters here will engage in the Primary Election today and again in November. Pray for the candidates and the direction the winners will take Arizona in the future. Pray that Arizona will protect the preborn and families, and preserve religious freedom.

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